Shaper studios

Being a company based in San Diego, it's impossible for us not to be influenced by surf culture. The beach, the waves, the laid back lifestyle are all staples of what makes this city so great. Because of this, there are so many surf shops around San Diego - yet, none are quite like Shaper Studios.

Founded by Chris Clark and Derrik Kapalla, Shaper Studios is a one of a kind surf workshop based in North Park that focuses on the lost art of shaping - creating your own surf board from scratch. They offer memberships, shaping lessons, glassing lessons, workshops, tutorials, and the occasional amazing party & performances. Basically, it's the coolest company in all of San Diego. We had the opportunity to put together a short promo piece for the Shaper guys, and really tap into what makes them unique.



Camera: Canon C100

Glass: Canon L Series (50 1.2f, 70-200 2.8f, 100 Macro)

Post: Final Cut Pro X, Magic Bullet Looks