Shaper Studios

Being a company based in San Diego, it's impossible for us not to be influenced by surf culture. The beach, the waves, the laid back lifestyle are all staples of what makes this city so great. Because of this, there are so many surf shops around San Diego - yet, none are quite like Shaper Studios.

Founded by Chris Clark and Derrik Kapalla, Shaper Studios is a one of a kind surf workshop based in North Park that focuses on the lost art of shaping - creating your own surf board from scratch. They offer memberships, shaping lessons, glassing lessons, workshops, tutorials, and the occasional amazing party & performances. Basically, it's the coolest company in all of San Diego. We had the opportunity to put together a short promo piece for the Shaper guys, and really tap into what makes them unique.

Trophy Motorcycles

Trophy Motorcycles is a one-of-a-kind shop in Southern California, especially if you're a vintage motorcycle enthusiast. We hung out with the owners, Isaac & Tim, and it didn't take long for us to realize that we were in the presence of true experts when it comes to vintage motorcycle service & restoration. A big part of the reason why these guys are the guys to see if you're restoring your bike is their huge library of original service manuals that they rely on to get the job done right (information you can't find online). For us, a vintage motorcycle spot meant having fun with the overall feel of the edit. This translated to a southern, bluesy, slide guitar track & film grain, lots of film grain.

San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo launched a new program called “Tech to Reconnect” and needed a promo piece to inspire people to create technology that helps us reconnect with nature. We absolutely love clients who are just as passionate about their story as we are to film it, and they couldn’t have been more excited.

Our initial meeting was at the San Diego Zoo (epic) where they gave us complete creative control over the mood & feel of the piece so obviously we chose a cinematic direction. After several days of filming, late night astro time-lapsing, and the collaboration between us and our phenomenal motion graphics guru, the piece was ready and premiered on the big screen at the San Diego Zoo for their first event.


After creating a short promo video to raise awareness for the San Diego Zoo's new Tech To Reconnect event series - it was showtime! Over a 3 month span we filmed these amazing events that brought together tech gurus, inventors, scientists and students to converse about the future of technology and nature as one. This insightful and memorable conversation series was such a blast to be a part of, and we look forward to seeing it's growing success and impact!


We had a blast partnering with Google to promote their City Experts event. They came to us wanting a fun & upbeat highlight video featuring a long list of amazing vendors from our friends at Shaper Studios to the delicious Oscar's Tacos. The event was basically a huge party complete with live music, over-sized Jenga blocks, and an area for bean bag tossing. I also have to mention the Google logo wall made of donuts too which we may or may have not had a couple of donuts from. They know how to throw a party!

Left Coast Brewing Company

As pioneers in the craft brewing industry, Left Coast Brewing Company has literally paved the way for many of the modern day trends we see now in beer and brewing. We headed up to their San Clemente based production location to create a short video spotlight on their craft brewery. Throughout filming this piece - we learned so much about their commitment to excellence and never-ending goal to deliver quality above all else.

MerriTt BookKeeping

In the small business world, bookkeeping can be a daunting task. San Diego based Merritt Bookkeeping came to us looking for a short promotional video that they could use to advertise their services on their website, as well as in Facebook sponsored ads. We collaborated with them to produce a 2 minute video that focused on a few local small businesses in San Diego that use Merritt Bookkeeping.


The Raw Collective came to us looking for a short promo video that would show who they are, what they do, and how they do it. We love projects like this because we're allowed to really dive into the brand. We worked with Michael (CEO of The Raw Collective) to build an outline and script for their video, and created a short piece that shows how TRC can help consumers of raw products by giving them a trusted stamp of approval.


After working with Google on their #CityExperts event, we knew that they knew how to throw a party. So we were so excited when they came to us again for their Google Farm to Table Fete held at the wonderful Suzie's Organic Farm. The entire event was hosted by spectacular vendors from around San Diego - including Carnitas Snack Shack, True Food Kitchen, Cucina Urbana, Dark Horse Coffee and many many more! Guests could enjoy all the organic flavors of San Diego, make a flower crown, listen to live music, roast delicious s'mores and carve pumpkins! All while being entertained by magicians and fire breathing/tree hanging acrobats straight out of the circus! It was surely an event to remember. Google never disappoints.