Pure Cinema is complimentary pieces of film put together, like notes of music make a melody


The Pure Approach

We bring a cinematic approach to content creation, inviting viewers into the art of visual storytelling. Our passion and “do-it-right” mentality assures top-tier quality is provided to bring our clients’ vision to life. We are people-focused and surround ourselves with dynamic creatives who thrive in collaboration. At the heart of our work is a focus on the needs of modern marketing — both known and yet to be discovered — in order to bring brand identity, emotions, and above all, human stories, front and center.

Here’s where we add value


Conversation is the start of any great idea. By leaning into curiosity, we explore new perspectives and push boundaries to create tailored storylines. We look at big picture goals to construct customized solutions that set the groundwork for every production.

Production Strategy / Creative Writing / Storyboard Creation / Talent Casting & Management


We bring ideas into focus by assembling teams of experts. From staging, lighting, audio to filming, we give attention to every detail to make sure all the moving pieces come together exactly — or even better — than you imagined. For us, collaboration is key.

Directing / Full-scale Production / Procurement of Crew & External Vendors / Execution & Logistics Management / Location Scouting & Permitting


The craftsmanship of our films come together in in the post-production stage. Here we bring stories to life through an editing process that delivers beautifully crafted content. Frame by frame, we make sure it’s fully ready for the screen.

Content Editing / Motion Graphics / Audio Engineering and Sound Production / Visual FX & Compositing / Music Research & Licensing / Color Grading & Finishing / Distribution Strategy

Meet The Team

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Ryan Knight

Co-Founder / Executive Producer / Director

Ryan found his passion for filmmaking in high school. After going to LA to work in feature films, Ryan has found his niche in commercial filmmaking and loves diving into a brand’s ethos to tell stories that resonate. Outside of work, Ryan loves a good burrito, local beer and football (a little too much). He and his lovely wife, Caitlin, keep their hands full with three kiddos; Nolan, Noelle and Brayden.

Luke McCain

Co-Founder / Executive Producer / Director

Luke’s passions for both filmmaking and entrepreneurialism collided when he founded PURE CINEMA in 2014. As Executive Producer and Director, Luke’s thrives most when crafting innovative films that tell unique stories. He enjoys traveling the world and resides in San Diego, CA.

Jamie Allender

Director of Photography

Having spent years creating BMX and snowboarding videos with his friends, Jaime knew making film was what he wanted to do. Now, Jamie mainly focuses on commercial work with a strong emphasis on lighting and camera movement to help propel a brand’s vision. He also enjoys photography, climbing and snowboarding.

Kyle Bronson

Senior Editor

After film school, Kyle started at the bottom – manually cleaning dirt and dust from archival film prints. His roots are in documentary features, which translated well to grassroots brand films and beyond. He has been trusted with campaigns for Sony, Microsoft, Boeing, Ballast Point, Blizzard Entertainment and MGM Resorts; and has worked on features and episodic television for HBO, NBC Universal, Disney, Dreamworks and PBS.

Michael Auchard

Senior Producer

Michael started his career in production focusing on commercial and branded films. With a keen interest for both business and film, he’s found a passion in producing. Outside of work Michael enjoys his iced coffee, landscape photography, and writing.

Samantha Halper


Sam started her professional journey within Public Relations. Coordinating, organizing and crafting visual content between national media outlets and clients allowed Sam to expand her skills and venture into overseeing video production teams. She has a keen eye for detail in the pre-production process and has spearheaded projects across various agencies and development areas. Sam believes that by embodying the client’s passion for their own business and using effective creative strategy, storytelling possibilities are endless.